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Bulldog Time

Let's face it, when 7th graders start at ATMS, all kinds of middle school things happen.  Students are faced with a large, open campus, 6-7 teachers, lockers, dressing out, gym lockers, etc.  Add in the adolescent changes that middle school kids are faced with and it can become one big, confusing mess!  

The connections between a small group of students and 1 teacher can help with all that middle school brings.  Students are placed in small groups so that these connections can be fostered.  At ATMS we call this BULLDOG TIME.  Each group meets for 40 minutes a day and begin the year simply settling into all the changes that student may be facing at ATMS.

As the year progresses, these small groups will include content remediation, enrichment time, team building skills, and study skills.  

As a parent, when issues arise with your student, the Bulldog Time teacher can be your first contact.  If they cannot help you, they can direct you to the right person.