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Mrs.  Nicole  Nelson
EC - Cross Categorical
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Cross Categorical


Highpoint University

B.A in Exceptional Education 

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A&T University 

M.A. in Reading K-12

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       My teaching experience is quite diverse as I have been an EC (Exceptional Children) teacher for six years now.  I have a B. A. in Exceptional Children Education K-12 and M.A. in Reading K-12. A Reading Master gives an individual knowledge of how students fall behind in reading, why some students struggle with reading and what strategies/reading programs work the best to improve reading levels. The M.A. Reading program also requires individuals to conduct intensive research on reading, reading strategies and reading programs in order to develop good teaching strategies to use while working with struggling readers.  My first three years of teaching were completed in Guilford County in which I was an RBS (Regional Behavior Support) teacher.  My classes during these three years were self-contained with a small group no more than 12 students, my students enrolled in those classes had extreme behaviors as well as extremely low reading levels but I must say I learned a lot in those three years. My fourth year of teaching was at ATMS in a self-contained Cross Categorical class with 12 students, my students in this class were very delightful and had reading levels that varied from 1st – 6th grade and of course these students taught me some wonderful things as well. My fifth year of teaching I was a resource teacher for two elementary schools in Guilford county in which I worked closely with students that had extremely low reading levels my job here was to pull out students and work in a one on one setting in order to improve reading levels, this position taught me how to schedule and use time wisely. My sixth year teaching is this school year and I am back at ATMS in which I plan to stay for many more years. This school year I have a self-contained Cross Categorical class with seven students and my reading levels range from BR120 – 5th grade and of course this group of students have taught me some fabulous things too.  


Just a little tid bit about myself: I am a mother to tow wonderful boys and in the year 2014 I was lucky enough to marry my best friend… I would describe myself as a funny, focused, family driven, fabulous teacher.  I believe in the Fabulous Four F’s of life…

Find the Funny Side


Faith and focus


My philosophy is that life is tough and can be downright disappointing at times therefore, I feel it is important to Find the Humor/Funny side to things in Life not to mention it is so important to Laugh Out Loud every chance one gets…

One of my favorite sayings is:  "Don't Wait for the Pefect Moment, Take the Moment and Make it Perfect"

Second, I believe it is important to Always be dedicated to your Family, as your Family will be the “Safety Net” that catches you when you fall…

Third, I believe it is important to have Faith and Focus in everything you, as your Faith will see you through and your Focus will keep you grounded…

Last, I believe in using the word Fabulous at least one a day, for if you can find one moment in your day that is Fabulous then your “Life Path” will remain on the positive sidewalk instead of the negative sidewalk…