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Cross, David Principal
Lindsay, Julie Assistant Principal

Bentley, Cory 8th Grade Science & Yearbook Advisor
Blakely, Christy 8th Grade Math & Math 1
Blanchard, Leigh Art
Burns, Jacqueline 8th Grade Language Arts
Capraro, Michelle EC - Functional Skills
Cline, Yvonne Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences
Collins, Brenda Biotechnology/Agriculture Science
Craft, Jennifer 8th Grade Science
Curty, Wendy 8th Grade Language Arts & AIG Coordinator, National Board Certification
Davis, Andrew Health/Physical Education & Athletic Director
Davis, Hal 8th Grade Social Studies
Dougherty, Mark Lead Instructional Teacher
Fletcher, Dina ATMS 7th Grade Counselor
Hager, Scott School Social Worker
Hoke, Susan 7th Grade Language Arts
Hughes, Dennis 7th Grade Science
Johnson, Carolyne Health/Physical Education, National Board Certification
Jones, Lynne 8th Grade Science, National Board Certification
Keiffer, Cassie 7th & 8th Grade EC Language Arts
Lafkas, Angela 7th Grade Social Studies
Langholz, Marti 7thGrade Math
Lomax, Leslie Guidance Counselor, National Board Certification
Lyons, Erin 7th Grade Math
Miller, Jason 7th Grade Social Studies
Moser, Shannon Media Specialist
Revels, Carlina Heath/Physical Education
Ross, Hillary 8th Grade Language Arts
Shedden, Colleen 8th Grade Math
Slone, Fran 7th Grade Language Arts
Smith, Matthew Health/Physical Education
Spencer, Anitra Chorus, National Board Certification
Staley, Karen 7th & 8th Grade EC Language Arts
Summers, Kim Band , National Board Certification
Todd, Amy 7th Grade Language Arts
Tysinger, Sandra 8th Grade Math & Math 1
Varner, Cheryll 7th Grade Language Arts & SS
Warren, Denise 7th Grade Science
Welch, Maegan 7th Grade Math
Williams, Stephanie 8th Grade Social Studies
Wimberley, Dylan Spanish
Witkowski, Elaine Computer Skills Applications & Business Marketing

Cardwell, Stephanie Data Manager
Manring, Tami Secretary/Treasurer
Plummer, Amy EC/Functional Skills Assistant

Gee, Eric Assistant Principal
Langholz, Marti 7thGrade Math
Lomax, Chad PE
Tyler, Chloe Exceptional Children