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Battle of the Books

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The purpose of Battle of the Books is to encourage reading at the middle school level.  Students are exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints by prominent authors in the area of young adult literature. The game format creates interest and excitement in reading.

Through the fun and excitement of competition, students improve reading. skills, mature in their choices of reading materials and acquire a broader knowledge base. Even during the height of competition, students and coaches should remember that the goal is to READ, not necessarily to win!



Battle of the Books in North Carolina has been growing yearly since the initial battles were held in Onslow County in 1981.  In 1990 all areas of the state held competitions, repersenting a total of 43 school systems.

The North Carolina School Media Association (formerly the North Carolina Library Association of School Librarians)  has assumed the parnership of the Battle of the Books beginning with the 1991 competition.  NCSLMA provides manual revisions, booklists, questions for system and regional battles, and sponsorship of regional and state Battle competitions.


Battle of the Books at Archdale Trinity Middle School


Battle of the Books is a competition held every spring among middle schools in Randolph County. Each school has a team of students who reads the more than twenty-five books on the North Carolina Battle of the Books booklist. Students learn all of the titles and authors on the booklist, make up questions about the books they have read and practice answering them at meetings throughout the fall and spring semesters. By March the students are ready to compete against teams from other Randolph County middle schools.

ATMS Battle of the Books teams have come in first in more Randolph County competitions than any other middle schiool in the county. We have a proud tradition and high expectations for our team members.  Please join us this year so that we can have a winning team and continue the tradition! Applications and booklists are available in the media center.  All that is required is a love of reading and a competitive spirit!