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Counselor's Corner

Hello, and welcome to the ATMS Counselor's Corner.  We are fortunate to have 2 counselors at Archdale-Trinity Middle School.  



For the current academic year (2017-2018), Mrs. Lomax will be working mainly with 8th graders, and Mrs. Fletcher will be assisting mainly 7th grade students.  This will change with each new year so that counselors are on a 2 year rotation with their students.  Feel free to contact guidance if you have questions or concerns.



Below you will find some great websites to help you, help your child succeed!  Please take a moment to check them out and check back for updates.


Educational Resources

The Future - Getting an Early Start on Careers and College

  •    An interactive website from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to help students explore careers
  •  Learn about colleges and careers.  Learn about your personality and about careers that would suit you based on your interests.

General Resources for Parents

Students With Disabilities